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About The Insurance License Test - Pass The Insurance Exam

I’m Elliot Gold, President and CEO of Insurance Exam Prep LLC, and I am also an insurance attorney. Our insurance practice tests are carefully crafted by me to meet or exceed the difficulty level of the actual insurance licensing exam. I know what it takes to pass the exam – practice, practice, and more practice insurance prep test questions.

Aside from studying your reference materials, the key to passing an insurance licensing exam is to take as many practice tests as you can before the big day. Each of our insurance exam practice tests are comprised of 50 national insurance test questions, which is designed to help build a foundation of some of the most fundamental national insurance information in your mind. Since we focus on teaching some of the most popular national material, our questions apply in every state and U.S. jurisdiction. We provide you with the ability to take three practice exams in each of the four main areas-- Life, Health, Property and Casualty Insurance. You can purchase each area individually, as a pair or a package of all four areas. Our tests also have detailed answer explanations, so you can understand why you got the answer wrong or to help solidify your understanding of the information addressed.

Exhaustive Learning Technique (ELT)-- Our unique insurance exam prep program perfectly supplements any insurance study prep program by helping you master 150 insurance issues for each area of insurance. ELT will help embed and reinforce the insurance information in your mind so it becomes second nature. Most importantly, it was recently reported that the average insurance sales agent is 59 years old! That means that 25% of the insurance industry workforce is expected to retire, so there is no time better than now to enter this lucrative industry and build a career in insurance. Our insurance supplemental test prep program will help you get you the extra points necessary to pass and provide an edge over your peers. Good luck, and may you pass with flying colors!

Elliot Gold - CEO INS Tests

Life Insurance License Practice Exam Prep Questions

Health Insurance License Practice Exam Prep Questions

Property Insurance License Practice Exam Prep Questions

Casualty Insurance License Practice Exam Prep Questions

Pass The Insurance License Test

Our Insurance practice exam prep has national questions with detailed answer explanations. That’s 150 insurance practice exam questions for each insurance area, 300 questions for a paired combo and 600 questions for all four areas, plus every paid user gets vocabulary study flashcards with insurance terms and definitions. Our insurance practice exams are also up to date with the latest insurance regulations. Since our practice insurance tests focus on some of the most popular national insurance material, our questions apply in every state and U.S. jurisdiction.

Our insurance exam prep comes with a 100% Pass Money-Back Guarantee, and has helped countless others pass their insurance test!

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Our Insurance Exam Prep Includes...

  • Hundreds of Insurance Practice Test Questions (that apply to your state)
  • Insurance Vocabulary Flashcards
  • Study-Mode & Timed-Exam Mode
  • Take Unlimited Tests For 1 Year
  • User-Friendly On All Devices
  • 2024 Updated Material
  • Insurance Exam Tip Videos
  • Support From Licensed Instructor
  • Insurance Terms & Glossary
  • Pass Money Back Guarantee